Narciso Capital

is an independent company specializing in Equity and Debt Advisory in the Italian and European real estate markets.

The company’s origin dates back to 2015, when it was founded by Mr. Gianluca Bartolucci thanks to the his extensive experience in the acquisition and financing of single assets and portfolios in Italy, Europe and the US.

Mr. Bartolucci’s long-lasting experience in the relevant markets allows Narciso to offer a tailor made service to its Clients in their investment and financing processes.

CEO Profile – Founder and CEO of Narciso Capital

Mr. Gianluca Bartolucci started his career in KPMG Advisory, before joining the Sorgente Group where he spent 10 years as Head of Finance and previously as Head of Fund Management. He managed the set-up, launch and management of several Italian real estate funds. He led the origination, negotiation and execution of loans for real estate investments in Italy, UK, Switzerland and the US.

Track record

Cumulative track record of past and current transactions of the CEO, Mr. Gianluca Bartolucci.

Country experience (Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, UK, USA)
(M€) Real Estate Investments & Divestments
(M€) Real Estate financing transaction value
Executed Deals